What’s going on?

On my website I report in irregular intervals from my computer experiences. My reports may help one or the other to solve the same problem.

Have fun when discovering.

New website for fans of old computers

In the meantime I have set up a separate website for the home computers of the 80s, because the articles here would go beyond the scope otherwise.

For the fans of old home computers there are interesting things to discover here: https://homecomputerguy.de

Happy to see you there!

News from the “Old ones”

On my second website https://homecomputerguy.de I keep writing about my experiences with old computers from my small, private collection. There you can find reports about home computers from the 80s and 90s, but also the first PCs and laptops from the early 90s.

A brand new addition to my collection is e.g. the Schneider Euro PC I, which I introduce a bit and describe how I got the setup battery back up to speed.

Or do you know the EPSON PX-8? No? That was one of the first truly portable laptop computers, weighing just under 2 kg. No, not from the 90s! The PX-8 already came on the market in the mid 80s. Read about the innovative tricks EPSON used to bring a powerful yet compact device onto the market.

I am glad about your visit and about every feedback! https://homecomputerguy.de

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