Raspberry Pi Headless Installation with SSH enabled and WLAN

You need only a few simple steps, to get a fully headless setup of Raspbian Stretch for your Raspberry Pi

First, write the downloaded raspbian image to the SD-Card

Be careful, to write the image to the right device!


Create a WLAN Configuration File

You need a WLAN template with your WiFi Settings.

Reinsert the SD-Card and create and add some configuration files

Create an empty file called ’ssh‘ on the boot partition to enable ssh daemon:

Copy the earlier created WLAN config file:

Change the hostname:

Unmount the SD-Card partitions:

Now insert SD-Card in Raspberry Pi and boot. Then you can ping the Pi and login with SSH:

After login change the default password of the pi user:

Also change the Locale and Keyboard layout if needed:


Optionally install also the DNS utils to get the nslookup command.

If you need autologin for the pi user add this file to your Installation





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